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This is me.

I am yoga teacher, but will be a student forever. I love to travel, explore the world, get inspired, as well as inspire others. I have a weird sense of humor, but my friends still like me and I love them all.
I consider myself a very positive person, even though this wasn’t always the case and I had to learn a lot in life. My story might deviate from a common one (whatever the common story looks like though). I recently got my master’s degree in molecular biology, but since I don’t see myself as this typical scientist I was eager to find something else in life. After feeling lost for quite some time, I found my passions in Holistic Health and Yoga.
After finishing my studies at the University of Innsbruck, I travelled to India for a few months to get my Yoga Teacher Certificate and to take the time I needed in order to sort my thoughts and dreams.

I just recently started listening to my heart and my true passions, hence why I am creating this website and this life filled with Positivity, Inspiration, Yoga, Health and Self-Love. I have a vision to create a beautiful community in which we can all help each other become the best version of ourselves.

“We are all made to love ourselves”

This is what I truly believe in. We are unique. Each and every one of us is simply gorgeous. Inside and out. Although I am not perfect (and never will be and thats okay, I don’t even want to be) I would love to be that person you can talk to whenever you feel like you need someone to talk to. I want to help and inspire others to feel comfortable in their own skin. I want us all to love ourselves just the way we are, because I believe that this is how we are meant to feel. ♡

Yoga has helped me in various ways to finally love and appreciate my body and acknowledge what it does for me every single day. Growing up, it wasn’t always easy for me, because I was always comparing myself to everybody else. Today, I know that, whenever I compare myself, I lose. Since Yoga has helped me so much on this journey, I want to help others as well. If I can help one single person out there, I am one happy Nutnut (this is how some of my friends call me btw) ♡

I am currently in the process of building and creating this website (& community) and since I do it all by myself (and to be honest, I almost have a none existent amount of IT skills) it does take some time, but until then feel free to visit me on Instagram (you find the link below) or send me an e-mail to nathalie@yogatoglow.com ☾