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What’s this thing with your mind

Hello beautiful soul, I’m so thankful that you’re here today. I hope you are doing all good and I just wanted to let you know, that, no matter what, you got this!

Lately, I’ve been observing these thoughts in my mind, which are trying to rationally understand the purpose of life – and I guess we all know that’s basically not within the realms of possibility, but we also know the mind is a tricky instrument and enjoys mucking around with us. One of the most relieving realizations I had a few years ago was the fact that we are not our mind. Yet we are so used to identifying ourselves with our mind, because we basically grow up this particular way ~ well, at least I did and I can only speak from my experiences.

So, over the years our mind is being ‘created’ and ‘shaped’ by all of the experiences we make, all the choices we take, all the conversations we lead and all the emotions we are feeling. Unfortunately, the negative experiences outweigh the positive ones, which is why many people on this planet choose to focus on the ‘not so good things’ in life, rather than just being content and happy with themselves. I was always wondering why this was the case, but the answer to this is actually so simple. We as humans are generally running around with the brain of a stone age man 35,000 years ago, besides the fact that our brains have shrunk in size.

So what I’m trying to say here is that our brains are still programmed to watch out for possible predators or any other deathly threats, which might end our lives within a few seconds. I can only imagine that people living at that time had less chances of survival, when they were only paying attention to blossoming flowers, colorful birds or mesmerizing sunsets.


This picture was taken on a magical summer afternoon somewhere in the middle of nowhere in of the many magnificent forests of Austria. It’s the little moments like these that make me so damn grateful for living on this planet.


Our brains were trained to be aware of all the possible dangers around us, because it helped us to survive. So while this amazing skill came in quite handy at that time, most of us humans fortunately do not need it anymore. However, we still carry it inside us, because we didn’t have enough time (yet) to adapt to our new environment and circumstances, since the industrial revolution only started a few thousand years ago between the 18th and 19th century. In nature, evolution occurs very slowly and things take a lot of time to change, evolve or disappear. The point I want to make here is, that it’s not your fault you tend to shift your perspective towards the ‘negative’ areas of your life ~ I purposely use quotation marks here, because I like to stay away from labeling someone or something as positive or negative ~ as Shakespeare once said

“Nothing is either good or bad, but thinking makes it so”

Hence why you should not blame yourself for having a ‘negative’ attitude towards life, you can actually blame your lack of ability of adapting to external changes faster 🙂 Well, that’s obviously not the best solution either ~ I don’t think there is anyone or anything to blame here, life just happens and what we make out of it lies within our very own hands, which is why you have the choice to shift your perspective towards a more happy, joyful and fun mindset. Also, you can do it right now and you don’t need any equipment or education for it. Aaand it’s free as well 🙂

Simply become aware of the fact that you are not your mind. You are in control of your mind. Although you have several thousand thoughts a day, don’t believe that all of them are true or even matter. Your thought patterns are simply the result of previous experiences and belief systems. If you don’t like what you think, just change it. It might take a while for your brain to understand this shift of energy, but the more often you practice positive thinking, it’ll get easier and feel more natural with time. It will bring more joy into your life.

So whenever you find yourself getting lost in these self-destructive thought patterns you can take a step back and just observe.  Dis-identify yourself with this particular thought.  This step actually sounds quite simple, but it requires mental strength and, more importantly, mindfulness. Become aware that this thought does not define you as a person or spiritual being. You can choose to enter a higher level of consciousness and kindly send this thought away and replace it with a positive one. If, for example, your recurring thought is “I am not good enough”, you can purposely and consciously say out loud to yourself ~ preferably into a mirror ~ ” No, this is not true, I am good enough, because…” and find as many reasons as you can to prove the opposite. With time and practice you will be able to turn your attention around. You can always choose. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Life is a process and you’ll grow with every single step you take along the way. Just know that you can always choose happiness and contentment. Just try it out for yourself for a while and let me know in the comments what you think. You got this! Hope you are having a good day!

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